Free Virtual Art of Touch Class with Ebook

You know that Art of Touch Experience or retreat you attended or planned to attend one day? Well, this is your chance to get my new full-color e-book “Touch Me With Love,” where I teach you how to enhance intimacy and communication in your love life.

This e-book is metaphysical, it’s spiritual, it’s healing. My personal mission is to touch the world with love, and the 2nd Edition of “Touch Me With Love” ebook, Art of Touch Experiences & Retreats are how I do it.

Since 2005 I’ve been teaching singles, couples, seniors & children that touch is the only sense required for human survival. I have been teaching how appropriate/loving touch heals and soothes while inappropriate/loveless touch causes disease and can lead to death.

When I hear you say “The Art of Touch Experience” saved your relationship, it taught you the importance of self-care, or it helped you realize you were truly craving touch and not sex,” I feel like a proud teacher. I am grateful God has given me the divine assignment to share the healing power of touch with the world.

Virtual Art of Touch Class

For a limited time, you can enjoy my Virtual Art of Touch Class free when you purchase my Touch Me With Love 2nd Edition Ebook for only $9.99.

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