The Art of Touch Experience

Our Certified Touch Artists are committed to teaching singles and couples alike the art of non-verbal communication through touch for enhanced intimacy and bonding in relationships.

Millions of Americans suffer from poor, loveless, or inadequate physical contact a.k.a. “touch Deprivation” in silence. They experience depression, isolation, irritability, and sometimes violent behavior because they a missing essential daily doses of loving nurturing touch. The fact is, there has not been a school that teaches the art of touch for the non-professional until now.

Versandra Kennebrew, Master Touch Artist

After teaching hundreds of professionals and novices alike this relaxing and healing practice, author and founder of VKI Personal Development, Versandra Kennebrew is bringing to The Art of Yoga Studio, Columbus, GA, a winter series of Art of Touch Experiences designed to warm the hearts of those longing for healthy touch while providing enhanced verbal and non-verbal communication skills for singles and lovers committed to relationship development.

Each class is limited to 10 students so advanced registration is required. We provide you with a yoga mat, bolsters, and essential artist supplies. If you have allergies or require specific comforts, feel free to bring your own. Prepare to become an artist, creating a loving touch masterpiece with your hands.

Side effects may include deep relaxation, enhanced trust, improved communication, and overall improved well-being. Find our next scheduled class at The Art of Yoga Studio Events.

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