Miami Beach Loves Touch Artists

Depression, irritability, isolation, low self-esteem and violent behavior have all been linked to touch deprivation. According to the experts, touch deprived infants are at risk of death while adults find sometimes unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with touch hunger.

I am Versandra Kennebrew, Executive Producer of “Touch Me With Love” the healing documentary the world has been waiting for.

Teaching couples the art of touch to enhance intimacy, improve bonding and communication has been a highlight of my career for the past 10-years. To be frank, I need your help because this film is gonna touch a lot of people in a lot of ways causing a universal chain reaction.

Your contribution to this crowdfunding campaign will help us expand our team of Certified Touch Artists, produce a high-quality video training program and a documentary which will be screened internationally beginning Fall 2017.

I even have 3 amazing award levels I believe you will love. Watch this video for a sneak peek inside an Art of Touch Class in Miami FL.

Your contribution will support essential production expenses for 6-days of filming in Miami, FL.

When this powerful documentary is complete, our Certified Touch Artists will have multimedia resources to share at churches, spiritual centers, and counseling practices.  We will also have a few networks that would love to air our relationship enhancement documentary on their networks.

We know that you could invest in any number of film productions, so we appreciate you choosing “Touch Me With Love.” No amount is too small.

Thanks in advance for sharing this project with your marriage ministry leader and/or relationship counselor.

Touch Me With Love Book CoverCampaign ends 4/26/17
Production Team
Executive Film Producer: Versandra Kennebrew
Film Producer: Demetrius L. Smith II
Set Director: Akhenaten S’L’M-Bey
International Ambassador Instructor: Julie Eyelom
Journalist: Kimberly Hayes Taylor

Love & light,

Versandra Kennebrew, Master Touch Artist






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